grammar checker online is one the most popular online writing tool used by writers, bloggers, and others in the online writing industry. This software offers grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and many other checker-friendly function. It even comes with a word counter feature which gives the amount of words used in a particular article, blog post, or other writings. Aside from that, it also comes with a profanity register, which enables the user to register common misspellings and expletives.

This grammar checker online offers several plug-ins which allows the user to run various auto suggestion functions. The common functions include Suggestions (tagline, grammar, spelling, punctuation, grammar checker, spell checker, and others), Search suggestions (tagline, usage suggestions, search engine usage, search suggestions, misspelling suggestions, search term suggestions), Edit and Delete suggestions (deleting words or sentences from the text), and Expand/Collapse Tags and Text. Other useful functions include Word Expander/Collapser, Word Search, Word Wrap, and Word Wrap expansion/collapsing. This tool can be used to: Find common misspellings or mistypings, Find errors in citations, Find word matches between similar phrases, Find synonyms for certain words or phrases, Find words or phrases in a database, Find unknown words using a keyword search, Find synonyms for a selected word, Find words or phrases in a template, Create table of contents, Generate lists of keywords and phrases, Find creative ideas, Convert documents into PDF, and Create table of contents. Some of these features are available for free while some features require fees. The cost depends on the features included in the package you buy.
A grammar checker helps students improve their writing skills by spotting potential grammar and spelling mistakes. This tool provides the opportunity to improve one’s writing skills. As writing skills improve, students tend to notice fewer mistakes and retain better written communication. A checker also helps save time spent on re-checking and proofreading already done by the student. An innovative way to keep writing skills sharp with a checker is by downloading an unlimited number of papers from a website and practicing them each day so the writing skills remain sharp even when not being used.
A good online grammar corrector has a variety of features to help users detect and correct any kind of writing error. Most tools have a’Suggestion Box’where a user can suggest an alternative spelling or grammar check option. A wide range of features is available in a popular tool. A few of the important features include: Automatic Suggestion, Error-Free English, Full-text Search, Searchable Supplement, Rich Text Formatting, Spell-checking, Hidden Tags, Regular expressions, Inserts, and Case sensitive character searching. Most grammar checkers support several languages.
Using a grammar checker is an effective way to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. A popular way to improve one’s English grammar is through learning how to use technology to its best. With the availability of online tools to check and correct one’s English, it makes it easy to maintain a standard written communication. Using correct grammar and spelling practices is especially important when writing for a non-native English speaking audience.
Essay checkers are also an important part of the English language. Many people spend many hours each week trying to perfect their essay. A grammar checker is an efficient way to save time spent perfecting your essays. An essay checker can be easily downloaded to your computer and can be used any time you like to help prevent grammar and spelling errors from hurting your chances of getting hired for a new job.